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Design: Peter Opsvik

Variable Balans, is an active session, that stimulates the movement and supports the body in each of its displacement, allows to assume different positions and to change easily. The movement activates the muscles, stimulates blood circulation and therefore helps to stay more alert and focused for longer periods. Thanks to the active seat and the body movement and mind can develop meglio.Variable balans is the perfect chair for working at a desk, whatever the activities to be performed. The tilted seat forward and shoes allow a sitting position with an open angle between the torso and hips, and a body posture comparable to the upright posture, with the curvature of the spine in a natural alignment, relieving the pressure on the vertebrae and favoring breathing . Sitting in an active manner will also strengthen the abdominal and back muscles and prevents the neck muscle tension and spalle.Lo back is an option ideal for long periods of use, which allows, in addition to lean forward to work to stretch your back to 'back for a relaxing break. Regardless of the position assumed, the spine will always be supported in corretta.La active sitting manner improves circulation and oxygenation of the blood, increases the energy, concentration and gives a general sense of well-being.


Width: 52 cm
Height: 51 cm - 50 cm seat
Depth: 72


Frame natural beech - wenge stained beech
REVIVE cat fabric - attach samples


It maintains the natural curvature of the back even when seated
It encourages the movement
balans ® System
The pads help distribute body weight
Seat inclined to ease and improve breathing
The back (optional) allows for additional seating position

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